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Real Time Marketing In History-Making Moments

As you’ve likely seen, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which limited the rights of same-sex couples, was overturned by the Supreme Court in a historic ruling this morning.

As with other pop culture happenings and current events, brands are quick to leverage the news to connect with consumers. With countless eyes glued to computer screens, live-blogs and social networks, it’s a prime time for brands to get involved.

The key – especially when civil rights are involved – is to strike the balance between self-promotion and support. Here are a few brands that managed to be both clever and tasteful in light of today’s historic news:

Clothing retailer Banana Republic posted a visual interpretation of the iconic red equal sign made entirely out of folded shirts. The brand is also running a sweepstakes for couples – both gay and straight – to share photos for a chance to be outfitted by Banana Republic for their nuptials.

banana republic

ABC’s Modern Family posted a simple image of the show’s beloved gay couple – Mitchell and Cam – filtered with the famous red equal sign the tune of more than 12,000 likes and close to 700 shares.

Designer Jonathan Adler posted a playful message on his Facebook page, depicting two gay couples using upside down vases from his collection, with the caption: “Ding dong, DOMA’s dead!”

Virgin America took to its Facebook page and posted its own interpretation of the equal sign with the caption: “Great things start in San Francisco! #LoveisLove”

virgin america

See how even more brands, including Gap, Smirnoff and Ben & Jerry’s, showed their support in this Mashable roundup.


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ImageSince I’m getting back into running to train for my first half marathon in October, I’ve been thinking a lot about consistency. It’s something I’m pretty bad at (see that my last blog update was in October 2012 – oops). 

In an attempt to get better, I’m going to try to blog/run on a more consistent, almost regimented basis. That’s the only way my Type-A brain can function. 

As I was running on the treadmill today (it’s raining outside – ew), I tried something that feels unnatural to me – I slowed the heck down. 

Much like life, a half marathon is not about the race (at least not for a novice runner like me); it’s about finishing and feeling good about it. I invented a quote while I was trying to zone out on the treadmill by counting ceiling tiles: “Slow down and you can go the distance.” That’s going to be my new mantra when I feel like springing when I get to my longer runs. 

See you soon!

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