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ImageSince I’m getting back into running to train for my first half marathon in October, I’ve been thinking a lot about consistency. It’s something I’m pretty bad at (see that my last blog update was in October 2012 – oops). 

In an attempt to get better, I’m going to try to blog/run on a more consistent, almost regimented basis. That’s the only way my Type-A brain can function. 

As I was running on the treadmill today (it’s raining outside – ew), I tried something that feels unnatural to me – I slowed the heck down. 

Much like life, a half marathon is not about the race (at least not for a novice runner like me); it’s about finishing and feeling good about it. I invented a quote while I was trying to zone out on the treadmill by counting ceiling tiles: “Slow down and you can go the distance.” That’s going to be my new mantra when I feel like springing when I get to my longer runs. 

See you soon!

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Google+ Still Not Sticking

Poor Google+.

For a company that’s SO good at almost everything it does (at least email and search engine domination), Google is seriously struggling in the social networking space. According to comScore, Google+ users only spent an average of 3 minutes on the site in January.

Three minutes may not seem that abysmal at first glance, but let’s compare it to average time spent on other social networking sites for the same month:

Facebook: 405 minutes (that’s almost seven hours – we all need to get out more you guys)

Pinterest: 89 minutes

Tumblr: 89 minutes

LinkedIn: 17 minutes

MySpace: 8 minutes (seriously people are spending more time on MYSPACE than Google+?! Come on!)

Twitter: 21 minutes

I have to wonder what it is exactly about Google+ that’s not sticking. Is it that we’re already so invested in Facebook and Twitter so we don’t have more time to spare for Google+? Or is it that Google missed the mark when it comes to building an engaging user interface? Maybe we’re just sharing everyone directly on gchat and skipping Google+ altogether!

I’ll admit that like most people I know, I have a Google+ page, but I haven’t checked it in ages.

Do you use Google+? What do you like about it?

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Coming Soon: Facebook Timeline for Brands

ImageLots of people are getting excited about the fact that Facebook Timeline will soon be rolled out to brand pages. Though Facebook’s Timeline format launched to the site’s 800 million users at the end of last year, its brand pages have remained in the old format, without the redesigned scrapbook template that many users have grown to love (or maybe hate).

Many brands have invested lots of time, money and resources in designing their current Facebook pages and may now have to adapt or modify their content to fit the new format and stay relevant. Some may be frustrated about having to keep pace on the nonstop social media treadmill, but for others, it’s an opportunity to reach more eyeballs. People are spending more of their time poking, posting and tagging. With a captive audience, brands should be putting their best foot forward on the site, just as they would on their own company home page or blog. It’ll be interesting to see the creative ways that companies will try to use the tool in the coming months.

I predict that much like Pinterest, the majority of brands on Facebook (even the social media-savvy ones) will be slow to do anything mind-blowing right away. But time will tell. More details are expected at a Facebook marketing event on Feb. 29.

Do you think brands being able to use Facebook Timeline will have major implications on the way we interact with them on the site?

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Oh hey there

I’m attempting to blog now. I’ll do my best to enlighten, inspire and possibly annoy you. You’re welcome.